Why Weepest Thou, In Wild Array?

Genre: Choral chorus

Description: A choral work for voices in different groups and formations dramatising the the meeting between Jesus and Mary Magdalen after the crucifixion
Duration: 15 minutes
Date: 2003

Programme Note

This work was written for Bath Camerata for performance in Wells Cathedral on Good Friday 18 April 2003. It uses up to twenty individual voices in a variety of choral formations, originally in order to make the most of the dramatic space of the site of the first performance.

The sections of this narrative work follow a text derived from The Winedrawers’ Play in the medieval cycle of the York Mystery Plays. This short play depicts the meeting between Jesus and Mary Magdalen after the crucifixion. Mary Magdalen, heart-broken, does not initially recognise Jesus, thinking him to be a gardener. But Jesus consoles her, reveals the truth of the resurrection, and the play ends with Mary’s affirmation ‘Of love now art thou crowned King’.

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Choral chorus

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