Brighton: Symphony of a City

Genre: Orchestra

Description: A multi-movement score evoking the city of Brighton from dawn to dusk, in response to a silent film by Lizzie Thynne
Duration: 45 Minutes
Date: 2016

Programme Note

The film creates a dynamic portrait of Brighton today, and in its dawn to dusk and then night approach consciously references Walter Ruttmann’s great rhythmic and poetic film ‘Berlin: Symphony of a Great City’ (1927). The music conveys colour and contrasts, echoing those of the modern urban environment, but constantly aware of seascape.

gently pulsating cross rhythms and subtle dislocations of the metre, combined with long-breathed dynamic ebbs and flows and vividly contrasting orchestral colours, wonderfully capture not only the broad sweep of the city itself, but also (as with Vigo’s Nice) the alluring expanse of the open sea beyond its shore.
— Prof Mervyn Cooke