Ed Hughes, Composer

As a composer I am interested in three things

Strong harmonies, often influenced by 16th century English music, with its soaring melodies and curious structures

Dance-like and visual rhythms

How the act of writing music down in layers can make music more complex and more vivid

I often start with simple sounding harmony but quickly enrich it by mixing my colours. I like producing music that is urban, modern and often visual, but can still trace its lyrical beginnings, sometimes in one of the earliest forms of written composition, chant. By training I am a classical composer and work with some of the finest classical musicians live, but I enjoy the recording process and see making recordings as an important and creative part of my work, and they can be found through this site.


When the Flame Dies


Symphony of a City


A Buried Flame


Alice in Wonderland


Battleship Potemkin


The Nose