Genre: Orchestra string ensemble strings (

Description: A single movement work with a searching and lyrical character exploring the colours of a string ensemble of 11 players
Duration: 12 minutes
Date: 1997

Programme Note

A single movement work with a searching and lyrical character, Chroma is a work for strings lasting approsimately twelve minutes. The music is mainly meditative in character although the mood is constantly shifting and changing, like effects of light and weather in a broad landscape. Four principal players (a string quartet) act as the centre of the sound, while the others elaborate and comment.

A richly sonorous music
— Paul Driver Sunday Times 13 April 1997
I found specially interesting the use of blurred and clustery textures with an underlying sense of harmonic progression, rather than being sonorities for their own sake. It was like the difference between a plain sheet of frosted glass and one with figures moving behind it (take this as an analogy, not an image).
— Ric Graebner, composer, on Chroma, 11 November 2018