Chaconne for Jonathan Harvey

Genre: Solo Organ

Description: A work for organ
Duration: 10
Date: 2013

Programme Note

This work is in memory of Jonathan Harvey who I assisted as amanuensis on his final choral composition in summer 2012, Plainsongs for Peace and Light. My work refers to a couple of Harvey pieces - quoting plainsong in Plainsongs for Peace and Light and a chord pattern from The Angels (choral work from 1995).

The work was commissioned by the London Festival of Contemporary Church Music (2013). It was broadcast on BBC Radio 3 choral evensong on 15 and 19 May 2013. The work won a British Composer Award in the same year.

Quote Hughes’s craftsmanship (is) evident in every bar; the control of tension and release within the structure is particularly admirable. Rhythmic patterns here need careful work, and an efficient manual technique is absolutely essential, but players with a serious interest in contemporary music should explore this work
— Stephen Farr, Choir and Organ Jan 2014