Genre: Orchestra

Description: A continuous musical work for orchestra evoking the complex form and beauty of the structure of the opera house at Glyndebourne, designed for a silent film by the visual artist Sophy Rickett
Duration: 20 Minutes
Date: 2007

Programme Note

The primary subject of Auditorium is the interior of Glyndebourne’s new opera house, designed by Michael Hopkins and Partners and opened in 1994. The building is a striking modernist landmark that both contrasts with and complements the rolling Sussex landscape that provides its setting. In responding to this building, and to Glyndebourne more generally, Sophy Rickett and Ed Hughes have been working towards a film language that expresses the complex relationship between moving imagery, music and sound. In this the two artists have been particularly inspired by plays of light that move across and transform the empty auditorium as the stage lighting is changed. The film and music dramatise Glyndebourne’s monumental architecture, and, although there is only one human figure in the film, its slow movements of light, shadow and machinery suggest some of the qualities of dance as they caress the vast building.


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